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Introduction To Organic Chemistry


Bromination of Alkanes

Due to the carbon-carbon single bond functional group of alkanes, they tend to undergo substitution reaction, wherein one or all of its hydrogen is replaced by another element.

In the case of bromination which is one type of halogenation reaction, a bromine atom replaces the hydrogen atom of an alkane compound. (See figure 1 of the chlorination of alkanes).

Bromination is a photochemical reaction, that is ultra-violet light (sunlight will do ) is needed for the reaction to occur as well as room temperature. The bromination reaction is as follows:

C 5 H 12(l) + Br 2(l) → C 5 H 11 Br (l) + HBr (g)

There is also an animation that is provided that will give you a vivid image of ethane being brominated. Please click the animation (see instruction below) to see the bromination of ethane. Note that it is a similar reaction that chlorine undergo except that it is called chlorination.

Please note that when you click animation, you will see an option table, where it will ask you to save to disk or open with Flash got. You select save to disk and then click ok. Another table will appear so that you can select the distination (my documents or desktop)of which you are suppose to save. After you have selected the distination, then you can go to that distination and run the animation by double clicking on it. Or you will see a note come at the bottom right of screen stating that all downloads have been completed; you can click on it and you will be given the option to run the animation from there.